Brand Strategy

  • Create a Brand
  • Reinvent a Brand
  • Brand Products
  • Create a Voice & Strong Message

A creative and unique brand can sell a business and in some instances the brand can sell more than the product through merchandising.  Combining a strong brand with a strong product is a formula to success.  Focus on your product or passion and we will focus on the Branding & Marketing.

DS Studios offers the following branding services:

  • Logos
  • Marketing Materials
  • Company Value Structure
  • Messages & Content


  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Company Profile
  • Marketing Measurement
  • Customer Loyalty

To create effective marketing strategies it is imperative to research the your market. But first we need to know where you came from by researching your past. Then we look at your current customers and standing with them. Then we can begin to prepare for the future by building an effective campaign.

DS Studios offers the following research services:

  • Company Story
  • Market Research
  • Campaigns & Planning
  • Product Testing


  • Content Creation
  • Growth Hacking
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social & E-mail Campaigns

Online shopping is becoming dominant and brick and mortar stores are in threat of keeping their business alive. Time to move into the e-commerce world or create a new e-commerce site.  DS Studios can help by creating a website or by improving your online presence.  Get found online and sell your product globally.

DS Studios offers the following Internet services:

  • Websites
  • Copyright (content)
  • Internet Campaigns
  • Video & Photography

Don't Waste Your Money

Marketing can be costly without an effective plan. Often marketing techniques follow a formula that can be wasteful and ineffective.  DS Studios looks at your budget and can guide you to spend your budget on what matters.

Free Consultations

Just want to talk? DS Studios can have a representative to talk to you about creating a new strategy or review your current strategy.  After review a free quote can be provided for services.  There is no obligation.


What now??

Ready to move your company, product or service forward? Contact us now and lets us worry about your marketing so you can focus on your product or services.