Living With Joy & Happiness


"The point of life is joy and happiness."

- Buddha

This is a philosophy I have been trying to live for years now and for something that is just thought away it is almost impossible to grab. Why is that?  We fight animistic instincts that tell us there is danger always and we are bombarded with media that reflects chaos and destruction, telling us the end of the world is near.  We give in and become ingrained in harmful habits of thinking negatively or find chemical imbalances that are forcing us to feel miserable.  We are constantly told to forget our dreams and get real but the truth is that the opposite is true.

No one can understand your truth or your happiness.  What may work for one person may not work for another.  Deep down inside we all realize what truly makes us happy but often are to afraid to reach for it or feel we don't deserve it.  What we need to realize is that we all deserve it and when we feel alone and afraid that we aren't.  No one makes it on their own we all need our support.  It is okay to feel afraid but it is not okay to live in fear.  To find Joy & Happiness one must face their fears and embrace the love and support around us.  Hear on earth and those in spirit will help you, but yo need to ask.


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